Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run a painting group or provide tuition?

No – we have regular demonstrations by professional artists, organise exhibitions and have occasional workshops. However if you come along to one of our meetings you will find it very informative and we can provide contacts for painting groups and professional tuition.

Do I need to paint to be a member?

No – we have a number of non painting members, just with an interest in art, or who just like watching paint dry!!!!!

I’m a beginner, can I still join?

Yes, and you will be made welcome. Any ability is catered for in the Society.

I’d like to display my work, can I do that with the Society?

Yes, we have non-selective exhibitions, local and not quite so local, open to all members, whatever their ability.

Can I bring a friend to the meetings?

Yes, there is a small charge for visitors, and if they are going to be a frequent visitor, it pays to become a full member with a huge saving.

I’m worried about coming into a room full of people, none of whom I know.

Don’t worry, if you would prefer, we can have someone meet you at the door and introduce you to other members, so you don’t need to feel out of things.